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Fair Board

Fremont County Fair Board

Mission Statement: To showcase and promote all citizens of Fremont County’s interests and talents,by offering opportunities for participation, education, and enjoyment. To provide well-managed, multipurpose, quality year-round facilities that promote agriculture, industry, natural resources, culture and tourism.

Vision Statement
To provide every guest and exhibitor with a friendly, unique, and satisfying experience, which consistently exceeds their expectations.

Scott Walters - Chairman
Brandon Haun- Vice Chairman
Kassie Holdren - Secretary
Mistalyn Steffan- Treasurer
Rob Dolcater
Maralyne Middour
Nikki Horton

For complete 2023 Meeting Schedule and Other Board Information

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The Fremont County Fair Board will meet on Tuesday, August 29th at 6 p.m. for a work meeting with the Show Committee and the Sale Board. They will then meet for their Vision Session (work meeting) on Tuesday, September 5 and Wednesday, September 6 beginning at 6 p.m.

2023 Fair Board Meeting Schedule

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